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+ + + N E W S + + + April 24, 2020

Dear T3DD20 Enthusiasts, we’re really sad to announce the cancelation of the Dev Days. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the extended restrictions, we won’t be able to host the event at AkademieHotel Karlsruhe from July 30 to August 2, 2020.

Please note: We will refund all sold tickets soon and for those who booked a room at AkademieHotel Karlsruhe already, the hotel will inform you via email that your bookings have been automatically canceled.

It's really a shame! However, life must go on and we're looking forward to great Dev Days next year. Of course, we’ll keep you updated. Please stay healthy! 

Your T3DD Team ... powered by

We’re super happy to hear that both and FULLHAUS decided to keep their offer for sponsoring the next Developer Days in 2021. Thanks a lot, for your support and commitment, folks!

Your participation is welcome!

Suggest a topic or offer a talk, session or discussion panel

Call for Participation ends 20th of April

The TYPO3 Developer Days need you! Do you want to get in touch with people who have the same issues as you in their daily work? Do you want to present a solution or discuss an idea in a talk, session or panel? Or are you interested in a certain topic and want us to know about it so that we can make it part of the program? You are more than welcome. Please use the form on this page and have a look at our guidelines for submitting topics. Thank you for your participation!

The #T3DD program consists of keynotes, talks, sessions and discussions with core members and industry partners as well as topics you, the community, bring to the table. We hope to create a great and diverse program, covering a broad spectrum of topics our community is most interested in.

Tickets for Speakers

If you want to send in a participation, please proceed and fill out the form on the right. We plan to give a discount for the speakers as high as possible, but therefore we need a basic amount of attendees and sponsors first. If your talk is confirmed by us we will send you a voucher code to discount your ticket price directly.

Currently the speaker tickets will cost max. EUR 140.00. 

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For the session registration we have to collect, process and store your data electronically. The electronic recording is carried out for optimal event planning and enables us to give you possibly discounted tickets. The present case concerns the initiation and execution of the contract as speaker, the legal basis is Article 6 paragraph b of the GDPR. The accepted sessions will be published on the website with session title and speaker. In addition, the sessions will be presented on our social media channels Facebook and Twitter.
Our privacy policy explains how we handle your data.

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