Guidelines for your submissions

The TYPO3 Developer Days are a community event: it is about learning, not about selling products. Of course, it is OK to talk about your solutions, but please keep the focus on the solution itself. 

We will create an engaging and worthy program over the 4 days of the event. We try to make it possible for everybody to get a slot. But please be aware that we may have no space for your talk left or that we won't be able to give you a time slot that fits into your schedule.

Please also make sure your participation is in line with the TYPO3 Code of Conduct.

Formats to choose from

There are basically three main formats:

  • Talk: a 35-minutes presentation with a 10-minutes Q&A segment at the end of the talk
  • Workshop: full. or half day workshop
  • Discussion: a moderated discussion panel between panelists, followed by an audience Q&A segment


A talk is a presentation of a topic you have special knowledge in. You have around 35 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for questions of the audience (Q&A).

If you want to send in a talk, we need a brief summary of your topic (max. 700 characters). Please be aware that your talks will be streamed on YouTube and that they will be recorded and published later on. 


If you have a Topic where you need much more time with a specific group of people you can send in a half or full day worksho. Of course there will be very rare spots for those workshops so pleas send them in very soon. 

If you want to send in a session, we need a brief summary of your topic (max. 700 characters).


The discussion format is ideal if you want to talk about an issue and bring different people with different opinions to the table.

If you want to send in a discussion, we need  a brief summary (max. 500 characters) of what you want to discuss and a list of max. 6 panelists you want to bring on stage. Important: you need to ask your panelists first before you send in a submission! Please only list people who have already agreed. We will then find a moderator for the discussion.

Submit a paper