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+ + + N E W S + + + April 24, 2020

Dear T3DD20 Enthusiasts, we’re really sad to announce the cancelation of the Dev Days. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the extended restrictions, we won’t be able to host the event at AkademieHotel Karlsruhe from July 30 to August 2, 2020.

Please note: We will refund all sold tickets soon and for those who booked a room at AkademieHotel Karlsruhe already, the hotel will inform you via email that your bookings have been automatically canceled.

It's really a shame! However, life must go on and we're looking forward to great Dev Days next year. Of course, we’ll keep you updated. Please stay healthy! 

Your T3DD Team ... powered by

We’re super happy to hear that both and FULLHAUS decided to keep their offer for sponsoring the next Developer Days in 2021. Thanks a lot, for your support and commitment, folks!

A true community-driven effort like TYPO3 depends on the generosity of its members. We invite you to give back to this project by becoming a sponsor of #T3DD. To thank you, we will promote your brand online and offline.

Below you'll find the packages we have thought of so far - we hope you'll find something suitable for your budget. If you have any other idea for supporting the event, let us know.

If you would like to help financially to make the Developer Days 2020 an exceptional event, we would like to hear from you! Please contact Sandra via mail: or use our form at the sponsoring details page.

Thanks so much for your support!

Premium Sponsor

5.000,- €

You will be among our most valuable sponsors and get the full package!

T-Shirt Sponsor

4.000,- €

T-Shirt sponsoring is a great way to get your logo known to the community.

Social Event Sponsor

3.000,- €

Be known as a sponsor who supports the famous T3DD social event!

Coding Night Sponsor

3.000,- €

Help the TYPO3 core team and developers around the world by sponsoring the Coding Night!

Room Sponsor

2.000,- €

Get your Name on a Room

Value Sponsor

1.500,- €

Help the community and expose your brand to the community.

Core Team Sponsor

400,- €

Help the Core Team with a free ticket and a Beer :)

Core Team Sponsor

500,- €

Help the Core Team with a free ticket and a Beer :)

Coffee Break Sponsor

250,- €

Don't have a big budget? You can still help out. Thank you!

Premium Sponsors